DIY: Crochet Chain Scarf

by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark  • 

Make a fun, funky, anything-goes infinity loop scarf with this easy beginner tutorial. Using some basic supplies and techniques, we’ll go from start to finish for a handmade accessory that makes a beautiful gift.

1. Gather your supplies!

What you’ll need:
One ball or skein of medium weight yarn, approximately 120 yards, or larger. I used one ball of Liberty Wool by Classic Elite, a bright multicolor wool. Ask at your local yarn shop for assistance; I love the ladies at Knit Happenz ( in Vestavia.

•Crochet hook, size I
•Small piece of fabric, at least 3-4” square
•Sewing thread
•Sewing needle
•Straight pins (not shown)

2 & 3. Making a slip knot. Wrap the end of your yarn around your fingers in a pretzel shape with the end in front and the rest of the yarn to the back, as shown. Pull through the loop at the back of your fingers to the front.

4. Place your knot on the hook and snug up the knot.

5.  With yarn in the left hand and your hook in the right, wrap yarn around the hook once and pull through the loop on the hook. Repeat this to keep making stitches. This is usually the first step to many crochet projects, and is called a crochet chain. Keep making your chain until you’ve used up almost all of your yarn, leaving a tail of yarn a few inches long. Pull the tail through the last loop of the chain and pull tight to fasten off the end of your chain.

6.  Loop your crochet chain into a loose pile of strands, like a lasso! The one shown is about 52” long loops, with a few longer and short ones thrown in. Make yours however long or short looks good to you, at long as you can fit it over your head. Make the last few loops carefully to arrange the starting and ending tails near each other for the next step.

7.  Tie your ends together firmly. Here I used a few knots to make sure they were secure.

8.  Wrap your tails around the bundle of chain strands to gather them up in one spot. Tie your tails together securely and trim down the tails to about 1/2” long.

9.  Grab your fabric and trim a piece to about 3” long by 3” wide, or whatever size you’d like to fit around your bundle of crochet chains. I left my edges rough, but if you’d like a more refined look for a fancy scarf, you can use your a household iron to fold under the edges and press them neatly.

10.  Fold under the top edge of the wrapped fabric and pin in place. Using a sewing needle and thread, stitch the fabric into a tube. If you hate to sew, you can also use fabric or hot glue for this step, no worries!

11.  Wear with pride, or give to someone you love!

You can make this project in all sorts of colors and textures. Try glitzy sequined yarn with a piece of silky brocade, or nubby yarn with linen fabric. The options are endless!

Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark is a knitwear designer, writer and teacher who works all over the country, but calls Birmingham home.


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